15 Feb
photo by Junk Food Critic
photo, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Arlington has no shortage of wing joints on Collins.

Wing Stop, Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wings and Bunnies (though now defunct), T.G.I.Friday’s, Boomerjacks….and now BIKINI’S.

If you have been keeping up with us, we have made a habit of having a “Breastaurant Showdown” and 2012 will be no different. So sticking to our THE PLACE, THE FOOD, and THE GIRLS format – let’s jump in.


This used to be a RED HOT and BLUE. They totally gutted the joint and it’s not a very big place. Feels like a neighborhood bar.

They also crammed a TON of giant LCD’s everywhere, so you will no shortage of things to watch. I am serious. The place looks like a TV store. It’s that packed. That is FANTASTIC. I can imagine watching the NBA finals or some other kick ass game here with a dozen friends.

Other than that…the place doesn’t really have alot of deco to it. There is some sports banners and stuff here and there, but all that fades into the background due to the bad ass amount of TV’s. LOVE THIS.


We ordered wings with a side of fries, The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and the Blackened Chicken Sandwich.

The sandwiches come with your choice of fries or their homemade chips.  Since the wings were with fries, we opted for their homestyle chips.

When the food slid onto the table, I did a quick double-take.   I had to make sure I was in a bar, not a home cookin’ restaurant.  The food had this quality about it.  The sandwich buns looked tasty and made from scratch.  Nothing looked pre-made, frozen,  or store bought.  Another good sign for this place.

The Blackened Chicken was very good, but a little too much chipotle mayo.  Truth be told, it would be awesome without it.

The Buffalo Chicken sandwich was great, and I gotta mention the buns again, because their buns are damn good.  I had a good sized chunk of chicken on that tasty bun…and I finally get to the chink in Bikini’s armor……their wing sauce.

On the menu, it states that all sauces are homemade.  Most of us here at JFC love hot stuff and can handle some heat.  So with the chicken sandwich, I chose FIRE WING sauce (their 2nd hottest) and THERMONUCLEAR (their hottest sauce) for the order of chicken wings.

My buffalo chicken sandwich was good, but there wasn’t much of a bite to the FIRE WING sauce.   More often than not, restaurants use Hot Sauce (Like Frank’s Red Hot) with some butter and vinegar or other flavors for their sauce.  The sauce on my sammich tasted more buttery than hot.   Like maybe I got the last of the sauce before they had to make a fresh batch??

On the opposite end, the chicken wings were drowning in THERMONUCLEAR sauce that was off-the-charts- hot.  Alot of heat, but not alot of flavor.   My sinus drainage is always  the sign of sincere heat, and they do not disappoint on heat.  I just got the feeling that the consistency of the sauce making is something that needs attention.  I honestly can’t tell if the sauce is good or not because it’s all over the place in terms of flavor and quality.

Also on the subject of wings and quality, the wings seemed overly cooked.  The usually crispy skin outside was hard and I had to peel it off to find more tender meat inside.  The quality of the chickens used for their winds didn’t seem as high as I would like.  Or maybe I am used to.

The fries have a coating on them that remind me, flavor-wise, of Jack-in-the-box’s curly fries….except kinda bland and forgettable.

Their kettle-style chips are light and crunchy and are for sure what I would order instead of fries going forward.   Perfectly seasoned and plentiful.

On a side note, we sat near the kitchen, and every dish that passed by looked yummy and were huge portions.


The Girls.  The part most of are probably most interested in anyway.   I have to say first off, that I love the outfits.  Bikini top, jean shorts, and cowboy boots.   It takes a girl that is pretty confident with herself and her body to wear that as a uniform to work in.

Most breastaurants have a pretty decent mix of cute and REAL cute girls.  Bikini’s, at first blush, seem to have nothing but REAL cute girls working.   There were probably 2 or 3 women customers in the place.  The rest of the tables were full of guys with their eyeballs rolling out of their heads.

There was one part of the evening where I was talking with our waitress and another waitress came over and pulled her away.  As they walked off, I could here them talking.  The conversation went something like:
OUR Waitress:  Everything okay?

OTHER Waitress:  Oh, yeah…I am just tired of talking to this table and they wanna talk to some girls so I am getting some help.

OUR Waitress:   Oh….ok….

So other than that “help me hustle this table” moment, most of the other girls were very friendly and offered unsolicited smiles and hellos as they passed.


DO NOT think, because of all my bitchin’ up there, that I dislike this place.  I don’t.  Quite the opposite.   I love the lay out, and most of the dishes looked incredible.  There are several things I wanna try, so I will be back.   If they had a sauce that I loved, I would eat chicken wings here all the time!

The only thing I didn’t like about the place is something nobody can really do anything about.   The clientelle.  It was late when we were there (they close at midnight on a Friday?  huh???) and some of the guys looked a little creepy.  Just sayin’.

As always, you can read my reviews here, or get into the conversation at

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