Bacon Me Puke

10 Feb
baconshake by Junk Food Critic
baconshake, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

If you haven’t heard, Jack-in-the-box has a new BACON shake. Yes, a BACON flavored shake.

Have you ever threw up in your mouth, but you were in the car…so you didn’t want to make a mess, so you had to hold it?

I can only imagine tasting a puss-infected-gunshot wound would taste WORSE than this shake.

It’s seriously GROSS. This is coming from a man that LOVES BACON. I mean LOVES HIM SOME BACON. So much that I can’t stand to buy that cheap crap. I gotta spend my hard earned money on bacon that is about 8 bucks a package.

Yep…that’s right, Wright Brand Bacon….I am referring to you……ummmmmmmm…. real bacon…..

Bacon flavored shake however is an abortion.

But Jack ain’t no dummy. He’s a marketing genius.

The whole process is actually kinda funny. Fast Food places are under constant pressure to come up with more reasons for you to visit them.

They are spending millions of dollars testing and marketing new and “trendy” items. They cross their fingers and hope you will love it.

The funny part comes in (to me at least) around the fact that it takes usually around a YEAR to go from concept- to in your combo.

What I notice, is by the time the NEW and TRENDY item is available…the trend is usually over.

Remember a couple of years ago when just about EVERY restaurant had some kind of CHOPTLE flavored something?

Before that, everything had a CHEDDAR or RANCH sauce. These things come and go.

The flavor of the year (at least months ago when they first devised all this) must have been BACON.

KFC recently did a whole campaign surrounding how they were IMPROVING their KFC bowls with the addition of……BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Jack has jumped on the bacon bandwagon with a limited edition BLT styled Jumbo Jack and as a kicker—the bacon shake.

I personally think this is pretty ballsy of Jack. I also think it’s kind of a joke. Just to see if people would really try it.

My reason for thinking this is how often it’s mentioned how LIMITED this bacon shake is. Like if people love it…cool! If not…then it gets pulled immediately….especially if there is some bad press.

So I give Jack a high five for pulling a stunt like this. You wouldn’t catch McDonald’s doing it.

Hell….McDonald’s has been shamed into removing Ronald McDonald from their advertising…..and now a jack-in-the-box is getting worldwide press for a shake that tastes awful.

Hated the shake…but the irony is delicious.


2 Responses to “Bacon Me Puke”

  1. kat February 10, 2012 at 1:58 am #

    I love me my bacon too but ahhh that bacon shake sounds terrible!


  1. TASTE TEST: BK Bacon Sundae « - June 15, 2012

    […] few months ago I suffered through the Jack-in-the-Box Bacon Shake. So you can imagine I wasn’t that excited to try this.   You can even hear the radio […]

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