9 Feb

First hearing about this, I was immediately intrigued. I love fajitas. I love Whataburger. Could this be two great tastes that taste great together!?!?!!

In the ever changing world of fast food, you gotta keep coming up with stuff. Whataburger has essentially taken their grilled Whatachicken, sliced it up with peppers and onions, and roll it up in a tortilla.

I love it. It’s a nice sized burrito…not sure why Whataburger calls it a “taco” but oh well. I threw some of their picante sauce on there and I had a party.

Now, I didn’t have the combo. Just the fajita. Of course the combo is a no-brainer for most folks, but I don’t really want fries to go along with my fajitas. Maybe that’s just me.

The whole idea of this is pretty smart considering they had the chicken, tortillas, and sauce already.

(Truth be told, going forward….I might skip their sauce and use some of my own…but I am super picky when it comes to salsa)

Before today, I couldn’t imagine going to Whataburger and NOT ordering a burger. I mean it’s their signature thing.

But this….might just change my mind.


One Response to “What-a-Fajita!”


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