Updates on your favorite stories

23 Jan

Since starting this blog, way back in 2009, there have been alot of changes, so I thought I would give you a rundown of what has changed since you last read about it here at the JFC.

In no particular order:

-FAT HO BURGER- is gone.   We hardly knew ye.

-My beloved GODFATHER’s pizza in Arlington/Mansfield closed it’s doors.  Now DFW is without a Godfather’s Pizza and that is SAD.

-Domino’s gamble from 2010 paid off because they have seen a huge spike in sales since revamping their pizza.  So much so that Chuck E. Cheese (who also ranked high in the worst pizza poll that started this whole thing) even revamped their pizza as well.

-To our delight, Wendy’s debuted Boneless Buffalo Wings.  We LOVED’em.  They discontinued’em.

-MAZZIO’s has not only regained the title of BEST PIZZA, but it has taken on all challengers with a swagger worthy of a champion!

-To this day, I still can not find out where those delicious PARKING SPOT cookies came from.

-SODA GALLERY is still so very cool, but I notice their selection shrinking.

-Burger King brought out some tasty Ribs.  We liked’em.  They discontinued’em (see a pattern?)

-BK also finally gave up on their horrible fries, and stepped up the game with some new tastier versions…whereas Jack in the Box went from their original fries….to a thicker/fresher style…which we liked…only to return to their original fries recently.

– Why is it everything we love gets discontinued?

-And in the “breastaraunt” category, there have been some ups and downs:

–  The head honcho at Hooters left to join the Twin Peaks organization.   This is curious as he was on UNDERCOVER BOSS not that long ago.   Curious.

– Burger Girl off 75 in Dallas came and went.  No surprise there.

– Arlington- “Wings and Bunnies” had several opening delays, and then closed before I could even review the place but a new place “Bikinis” opened just down the block from the Hooters on Collins.  Review of it , and a new 2012 Breastaraunt Run are coming soon!

– and I am not shocked, but pleased to report that not only has RED NECK HEAVEN remained a success, but they are opening other locations around the DFW.   Must be all those “minnow shots”.

Hello 2012!


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