All About Consistency

13 Jan

Okay, truth be told, I did NOT start out my weekend with plans to review Uncle Julio’s.  Seriously.

I mean, I have had a long and loving affair with the Uncle Julio’s off Lemmon.   I can NOT think of another restaurant that has CONSISTENTLY given me fantasticly fresh food with a side order of very good customer service – on the reg.

So when I was shopping near the tollway, and I see that unforgettable sign, I was instantly craving their food.

It didn’t take much to convince everyone in the car that UJ was the perfect place to have a late lunch.  The weather outside was perfect for patio dining and the promise of killer food was just “the perfect storm”.

(I hate when people use that phrase—so that is officially my last use of it – my apologies)

Anyway, we file into the bar and eventually make our way to the patio.

Now, I have to say that the food was as great as ever.   But the service was very lacking.  And by lacking I mean SUCKY.  I understand it’s “kinda” busy and that you have to come all the way out to the patio, but when you just drop off menus and walk off – and have a table of four that has all but completed their meals by the time you get around to asking if we needed anything (not a single drink refill….or refill of our empty chip basket or 3 empty bowls of salsa) –  it’s just not kosher.

It would be one thing – if you stopped by and said “hey I am in the weeds…so forgive me….” or hell… get some help.  But when you do finally swing by, you act curt and rude— then walk over to a table of guys and flirt with them and make sure they are taken care of– what am I left to think?

I am left to think you have no interest in my table and it’s all about the TURN and BURN.

The purpose of this review is NOT to slam Uncle Julio’s.  Everyone at our table understood that it’s not the restaurant’s fault.

One bad apple….and all that.

I will still sing the praises of Uncle Julio’s — especially the Lemmon location—- but I will probably NOT return to the location by the tollway.

But, it brings me to ask you, dear reader —  are there restaurants that you LOVE, but do not visit every/any location?

Let me know.  Hit me up on twitter:


Leave your own review on URBANSPOON by clicking the link below!  It’s a great place to discover new restaurants and support your faves!

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