FRY, FRY, and FRY again

23 Nov
fryfry by Junk Food Critic
fryfry, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

I really like JACK IN THE BOX. Not just for the food, but for having the guts to do crazy-funny stuff with their advertising and having a clown-head for an owner (no offense jack).

I like the variety of offerings at Jack’s place. Everything from fajita pitas to sirloin sliders.

I especially love their creative commercials. Here is one of my all time FAVORITES

However, one department that I can’t really give Jack full marks on is the fries.

I can remember back in the day, even as a kid, I didn’t much care for Jack’s french fries. They were kinda bland and I loved the ones at Mickey D’s more.

A few years ago, I applauded Jack in The Box, when they finally switched their old fries to “new full cut fries” which where bigger and cut from real potatoes. So they tasted fresher and more like real potato fries. Not just some processed fry.

Well, sitting in the drive-thru the other night, I noticed a full on sign (above) that said they have NEW fries. So I got them.

I am six years old again. They taste EXACTLY the same as I remember them, so I guess they went back to the old formula.

It’s a shame too, because Jack is usually so creative and different in the items they offer.

Why can’t Jack make fries that I love as much as I do most of his other offerings??

And while I am on the subject, can someone please tell Jack to bring back FRINGS?


(cheese, meat, cheese-cheese, meat……sorry…that commercial is SO catchy!)


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