23 Jun
chickeny by Junk Food Critic
chickeny, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

I have heard the commercials on the radio, to the point I have them just about memorized. CHICKEN EXPRESS is known for being “Chicken-y” and having GREAT SWEET TEA. That’s all I know about them.

So I have this in mind, as I actually passed by one. I didn’t realize that “chicken-y” was so close to me. I could be keepin’ things “chicken-y” (as per their commercials) all this time and didn’t know!

I pull up to the drive, and I am overloaded with choices. Chicken, Chicken Tenders, Gizzards, all sorts of stuff.

I decide to dip my toe in the pool, and order a simple chicken tenders meal with that “infamous” sweet tea to drink.

Now, I don’t know where you live, but here in the Lone Star State (that’s Texas) as well as pretty much the whole SOUTH, people are in love with SWEET TEA. Everyone has a mama or someone that made the best. Restaurants FINALLY caught on to this idea, because everyone is trying to woo you with their sweet tea these days.

Even McDonald’s has Sweet Tea for a $1.00 right now. Any size. It’s not the best, but it’s a buck! It’s a bargain.

The line is backed up in the drive-thru, so I am sitting at the order menu, and I have lots of time to read what they have that I might be missing.

One thing that caught my eye was they have all sorts of sauces you can add to your order for .25 cents a piece. Honey Mustard, BBQ, Ranch…..they have like 8 or so flavors. Good Idea.

I also notice something that made me do a double take so fast I think I slammed my brain against the wall of my skull.

Right there, mixed in with the available drinks, is DUBLIN DR PEPPER!!!!!!

They sell sugar sweetened (as opposed to corn syrup..this is considered by purists as “real dr pepper”) Dr Pepper in a FOUNTAIN DRINK?!?!?!?!?!?! I think I am going to faint. Could it be possible? Does this mean the end of my trips to Waco just for a taste of that heaven?

I file this away as a reason to RE-visit CHICKEN EXPRESS in the event I either REALLY love the food….or really hate it. Don’t ask about my logic. Just go with it.

So the picture above is what I received when I opened my box in the parking lot. Four tenders, fries, gravy, and a biscuit. Oh…and a 32oz Sweet Tea.

Let’s get this over quick: I was disappointed. My tenders tasted like they were once juicy, but had been sitting for awhile, so were now kinda tough. The fries were greasy and crispy, but instantly forgettable.

The biscuit? Well, I saved it for last because alot of these places PRIDE themselves on their Roll/Biscuit. (KFC has the biscuit market….Grandy’s and Golden Chick have rolls…..mmmmm….Golden Chick’s rolls……that’s good eatin’!)

Okay, anyway….KFC ain’t got nothing to worry about. This biscuit was dry and chalky tasting.

I sat there in the parking lot, and I was confused and let down. I didn’t understand how a place so highly recommended could not deliver. I didn’t understand why everyone loved this place.

Maybe I just chose a bad location or time.

It was then, that I noticed I had popped the straw into, but had yet to even SIP that allegedly “INCREDIBLE” sweet tea they serve.

I didn’t even finish the meal, as I closed the lid on probably 3 quarters of what was left, I took a big drag on that straw.


That sweet tea kicked me in the butt! It was so sweat and old fashion tasting. Tasted like the kinds I would have at my “southern” friends houses during the summer when they would have cookouts.


This place should change their name to SWEET TEA EXPRESS because that is worth the drive!!!!!!

That and now I have to go back and get a fountain drink Dublin Dr Pepper, so I will be headed back very SOON!


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