BK RIBS?????

3 Mar
bkribs by Junk Food Critic
bkribs, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

When I heard these were coming (several months ago) I was not expecting much at all. In my mind, this is a risky move. Ribs at a fast food place? CAN’T be good. And this is coming from someone who LIKES BK burgers.

I passed by a local BK and FINALLY saw the sign. I did a double take and then quickly turned around and placed my order.

These suckers ROCK!!!!

If you love that charbroiled taste of the BK burgers, just imagine that same approach to these. They have a little char on them, like GOOD BBQ does, and are about the size of a hot wing.

These guys are flavorful, with a nice amount of meat. They REALLY do have a “restaurant” quality about them.

I was SO surprised by how good these were!!

Just like the sign says, they have a smokey flavor about them, and the meat just pulls right off the bone. Tender and cooked perfect.

I did NOT however, get the “sauce” that the sign says comes with the order. Even still, I loved them as is. With the sauce? I bet the would be even better.

As someone who finds it VERY difficult to find GOOD RIBS here in DFW, I have found maybe 3 places over the years that I consider GOOD RIBS. Those places aren’t that close to me, or open 24 hours like the BK is.

That convenience factor, along with INCREDIBLE taste, makes this a super easy recommendation. GO GET THESE NOW!!!! I think they are only around for a limited time.

Forget the McRib. Get REAL ribs at BK

(hey BK, feel free to use that last line in your ad campaigns too–free of charge)


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