23 Feb
sixlets by Junk Food Critic
sixlets, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Back again with three things from the candy counter.


Man o’ man I had TOTALLY forgotten about these! They are candy coated chocolate flavored rounds, much like M&Ms but with a slightly different taste. These guys are tiny, so you can pop several in your mouth at once and enjoy all that chocolate “flavored” goodness. ha.

I also found two NEW things!!!:


Interesting twist here. The paint can is filled with pop rocks, and the roller is a generic tasting candy stick. Taking a page out of DIP-N-STIK, you get the roller wet with your mouth and then plunge it into the pop rocks. Then insert the roller in your mouth and you lick off the pop rocks. Seems kinda…unnecessary. It was more fun to just open the pop rocks and pour the WHOLE little can in my mouth at once. I was pop-rocking for what seemed like a lifetime.



Now these little pops, I liked. Alot. I have always loved the full size Blow Pops. So they used a shrink ray and shrank these down to gumball size and pulled out the stick. They have a good flavor and a nice crunch if you decide to just skip ahead to the center, which is gum.

Now the amount of gum in the center is very tiny. I think the idea here is once you have a few of these chomped in your mouth, you start building a full size gum piece from the collective minis. Fun to share and lots of flavor!!


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