23 Nov
stickers by Junk Food Critic
stickers, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Back to the CANDY COUNTER!!!!

First up are these cool cards/stickers called WACKY PACKAGES. As you can see from the pic above, they are parody of popular products. I think these are so much fun! I remember seeing these growing up, along with GARBAGE PAIL KIDS. Remember those???? How is this junk food? Well they come with gum. Gum sucked.

Captain Crutch….that always makes me smile. FUN-NY!!


Next up are RAZZLES! Haven’t had these in…like….FOREVER!

These are crumbly, and tasty candies that turn into gum after you break them down in your mouth. It’s an FUN and ODD sensation to feel that transformation in your mouth. Can’t see it, but you can feel it! Love that they still make this!!!





Finally today, I found something I have never tried. It’s called TOXIC WASTE. These are hard candies that are covered in what I call “sour dust”. Most of my friends LOVE sour stuff. Me too. This is the SOUREST thing I have EVER had in my entire life! SUPER SUPER SOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost too much!!

The COOL thing about it (besides the container) is that once you get past it, it’s a flavorful candy. But once you bite the hard candy in two…or to just crush it…it releases more sour-goodness from the INSIDE.

Look for these, they are INTENSE!!!!!


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