23 Oct
hoot by Junk Food Critic

The initial plan was to save HOOTERS for last. I mean it sort of set the standard, and figured I would check out the competition before I went to the one everyone seems to imitate.


The look of Hooter’s (to me) is that of an old surf shop. It’s sorta meant to look old and run down. Decorated with odds and ends but nothing too fancy. Surfers don’t care about niceties. The place is totally wooden inside. Complete with sometimes wobbly tables and cheap wooden stools to sit on.

That’s part of it’s charm, I guess. I think BONE DADDY’s does “junkhouse cool” vibe better than Hooters in the deco department. But you aren’t going there for the deco.

The place looks like they have spent some money on new TVs because they are huge, and everywhere. You can kinda tell from looking around that they had a TV here and there, but now (guessing to compete with Buffalo Wild Wings down the street) they have stepped up their game. Good idea.


The WORLD FAMOUS HOOTER GIRLS were in full effect when we entered the place. It wasn’t very busy for a week night, which I thought would be good to really get a vibe of the place when the girls aren’t in TURN’EM and BURN’EM mode.

(If you haven’t learned by now, TURN’EM and BURN’EM is a term servers use to describe how fast they get their tables turned. Get the customer in and out- get the money fast- with the least amount of work)

The outfits here are basically white “wife-beater” shirts with tight orange shorts. Sometimes they switch it up and wear an all black version of the same look.

The all black is a better look, but more often you will see the original uniform.

I saw something here, that I haven’t seen so far at the other places. The girls here seemed to all get along, and they criss-cross to other tables. Meaning if they pass by, they talk and play around with the other girls.

This makes the experience that much more intimate and fun. I noticed a table of frat boys that was joking with one of the girls about her hairstyle, and they pulled in two or three other waitresses to share a laugh. it was short and fun-spirited.

The girls seem to help each other out here, which the men will like The girls at this ARLINGTON location were probably the most outgoing girls we have met so far.

Part of the “game” here is that the girls are given more freedom maybe, to be themselves. So you get alot more personality from these girls that you might at the other “breastaurants”.

It’s all in good fun!

Ok, ok—guys- you wanna know how they look. We thought that half the girls were in the HOT category. The other half were “kinda” cute.

There. we said it.


Things are starting to look up in this TOUR I think. The food at HOOTERS just ROCKS! I would eat here if the place didn’t even have girls in outfits. They have flavorful sauces for their chicken sandwich

(I had their new “XXX” sauce and it was, by far the HOTTEST sauce I have ever tasted—-but full of flavor- not just HEAT)

The curly fries I had were hot and seasoned well.

One of the other tasters had a Blackened Mahi sandwich that looked picture perfect. He ended up having to cut pieces off because everyone at the table wanted a taste. It was VERY VERY good!

The fried and grilled shrimp were great! The Burgers were good. The fried pickles were ….blah.

Almost everything we tried, we loved. I understand how this place set the standard. If it was just about the girls, the place would have gone out of business long ago. They have some

good dishes here!

ON A SIDE NOTE: They have stopped serving MGD beer for some reason. I had the honor of drinking the last one they were to ever offer at this location.


GREAT FOOD. Fun girls. Fun atmosphere. This place lives up to the hype! (ok, well at least this location does)

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