CANDY COUNTER: Episode Three

23 Aug
mms by Junk Food Critic
mms, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Another trip to the candy counter!

This time we have two NEW M&M flavors:


I KNEW I was going to LOVE these the second I saw the package. I love the taste of coconut. Love MOUNDS candy bars. If you love coconut, you are gonna LOVE these, I promise. They are bigger than typical M&M’s, and the coconut taste is mild and instant. It is NOT overwhelming or too artificial tasting. The only drawback is that in a 1.5oz bag, it didn’t seem like I got alot of product. That could be because the size and weight of these are bigger, or MORE LIKELY I wolfed them down so fast in the car, that I couldn’t really keep track! Will be picking up a few more bags of these in case they disappear soon! Check them out!


These caught my eye in line at the grocery store. I thought it was ODD. Pretzel???? Really??? I am very fond of chocolate covered pretzels, so the addition of M&M’s famous candy coating on top of that sounded NOT that crazy after I thought about it. Sounded like something that should’ve been introduced YEARS ago, it’s such a natural thing.

Now an interesting thing happened. I liked these immediately. I was going to visit some friends, and I shared my second bag to get their reaction:

“what are these? Moth balls?”

“Yeah, like Whoppers”

“You mean MALT balls?”

“Yeah, these are good, but they are kinda…..I don’t know”

They could NOT identify the taste. They knew it was CRUNCHY, but that was it. After I told them what the “secret ingredient” was, they all wanted a handful. The second taste-test resulted in wide-eyes and broad smiles. They realized now what they were tasting and loved them. Don’t know how long these will be around so they are also worth a shot!


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