23 Jul
cajun by Junk Food Critic
cajun, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Been kicking this idea around for awhile. For one reason or another, I find myself in the “HIGHLANDS” in Arlington, Tx. If you haven’t been there, it’s a mall turned inside out. All the stores are outside, and the design of the area is like a town square. It’s the newest addition to Arlington, and it has a long list of shopping options and eateries. So I think in the future, you can expect to see a “Best/Worst of the Highlands” segment coming soon.

So to prepare for this, I have to visit The Highlands. All of it. Last night I was driving around looking for dinner. I found this place called BOUDREAUX’s CAJUN KITCHEN. I had never heard of it, so I strolled right on in. The place is rather large and roomy. It has a small bar in the corner which was packed with guys watching the basketball game. Wasn’t too busy in the dining area, and it was kinda early still, so I walked right to the front of the line. You walk up, order, then sit down and they deliver the food to you.

The cashier-girl, was very friendly and outgoing. Telling her I had never been there was like a light being switched on in her eyes, because she whipped out the menu and started suggesting things and asking what types of things sound good. (note to manager: this girl is a keeper!)

I was just about ready to make my decision when my friends/guest reviewers showed up. They had all been there before and ordered promptly. I chose the fried shrimp and fries. My friend ordered grilled shrimp and salad, and another ordered the Mahi.

Maybe I was just having a severe hankerin’ for some shrimp, because this was, by far, the best fried shrimp I have had in recent memory! Very lightly breaded, butterflied and crispy. Fries were great. Good portion for the money. Great Value!

One guest reviewer didn’t even speak during dinner, because he was busy digging into his food. He loved the mahi and orders it regularly.

The grilled shrimp my friend had was tasty too, as I stole one while he was getting a refil on his soda.

The menu has several things I will try again soon. The place was very clean and well lit. Very welcoming and familiar feel to it.

I feel sorta silly, as I had never heard of this place until my visit. I am hoping I am alone in this camp because it really is a pretty good place. Most people I know will immediately think RAZOO’S or PAPADEAUX’s, but I suggest you give this place a try. I bet you will love it!


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