23 Jun
skittles by Junk Food Critic
skittles, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Always been a fan of Skittles. What I noticed at the store the other day, was that there are SKITTLES that I haven’t tried yet. Wha????? How can this be?? So today we look at all colors of that Skittle Rainbow.

SKITTLES “Original” – you know and LOVE these. Nothing more I can say. Classic candy.

Now I have noticed that alot of companies or product manufacturers are rapidly developing new ideas or twists to see what catches on and will ultimately increase their market share. Rember Coke C2? Half the sugar? And…it’s gone.


Take some Skittles and roll them in a “sour” coating (think sour patch kids) and you have an instant hit. These are sour, but not too much. Just the right amount of kick, then you can enjoy some good tasting Skittles underneath. Double the fun!


Haven’t heard of these before, so I curious. I don’t know what I expected, but reading “Fizzl’d” made me think of POP ROCKS.

Imagine that for a second. Pop Rock coated Skittles? that popped around your mouth and then you got to the Skittles underneath? That would ROCK!!!

Well this isn’t that cool. At all. These are actually kinda lame. They are skittles, that have a “powdery” looking coating, like the SOURS. But when you pop these in your mouth, they…well…they fizzle.

Think those upset stomach tabs you drop in water, that fizz. Remember how “fizzy” that stuff is? Well this isn’t that at all. These barely even fizzle unless you put a good size fistful in your mouth. The sensation is like “ that foam or fizz?” and then it’s over. BORING.


These suckers are ADDICTIVE, and threaten the TOP slot in my favorite SKITTLE contest! The flavors are:

Mango Tangelo / Strawberry Starfruit / Pineapple Passionfruit / Banana Berry & Kiwi Lime

Now I have NO idea of what a STARFRUIT is, but I LIKE IT!! In fact, ALL these flavors are VIVID & YUMMY, if you haven’t tried these, stop reading and go get TROPICAL, NOW!! (I will wait here until you get back)


Gotta admit, Wild Berry Skittles have been a favorite around our camp FOREVER. These are the ones that I go for when I decide to pick up Skittles at the store. I LOVE these guys. They are so rich and “berry” flavored. Everyone I have ever given these to loves them instantly. MMMM….all I can say


These are VERY COOL, because you are getting technically TWO skittles for the price of one. The idea of CRAZY CORES is that the shell is one flavor, but the inside is a different one. So each bite is a fruit flavored mash up.

Here are the combos:

Mango/Peach, Cherry/Lemonade, Strawberry/Watermelon, Melon/Berry, and Blue Raspberry Lemon.

That is already an impressive mixture, but when you get these bad boys mixing and mashing together you get some weird (and SUPER tasty) flavor combinations! Nice idea, and will definitely be a future purchase!

BOTTOM LINE: Get out of the house and TASTE THE RAINBOW!!


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