23 May
bonedaddy by Junk Food Critic

Once again, JUNK FOOD CRITIC has taken on the task of covering every “breastaurant” in the DFW. Difficult job, but someone has to.

If you haven’t been keeping up, the term “breastaurant” refers to those “theme” restaurants that cater to men mostly, by having cute young girls dress up in outfits to help attract said men to their restaurant.

We already reviewed BURGER GIRL and TILTED KILT. Today we turn our attention to BONE DADDY’s. We will stick to our loosely designed review template: reviewing the girls, the place, and the food separately. For this review, we checked out the location in Arlington. In the now famous “HIGHLANDS” area.

For those that have never had the pleasure, Bone Daddy’s is a self described “House of Smoke”. They offer Ribs, Burgers, BBQ sandwiches, and the like. So let’s jump in


The “theme” for the place is that of a kitschy-roadhouse. Even going so far as to make the table lamps out of old rusty carburetors. It’s meant to give off that “been here for years- dive” atmosphere. That “seedy” deco is mixed with a NOTICEABLY clean environment. I mean it’s decorated to look shabby, but the tables, floors, and men’s rooms were all just about SPOTLESS.

You can tell ALOT about a place by just how well maintained the bathrooms are (super clean). We are already warming up to this place!

This location has two floors, and truth be told, my first thought was this would be a COOL venue for a super-small blues band to play in. The place DEFINITELY has a “laid-back-chill-in-an-out-of-the-way-blues-bar-way” despite having a restaurant vibe going on too. So we are liking this place!

Wandering around while I waited for my review friends to arrive, I slid into a booth and had a beer. I noticed there were alot of older men sitting at the bar. The two bartender girls were floating from customer to customer. Most of these guys seemed like regulars.

Seemed odd at first, that you would wanna do your daily drinking in a restaurant—-BUT— it DOES have that cool “bar” vibe on one side—and the place has more than enough flat screen TVs showing sports. Oh—and there are a bevy of eye candy girls to be found roaming about too—but I am sure the guys aren’t even paying attention….which brings me to—


The uniform or “theme” for the girls is simple. They wear what I would call “baby-tops”. Tops that polo-ish in style, but are v-neck and cut above the mid-drift, so there is plenty of skin showing. The girls wear black hot-pants type shorts and these black heeled shoes with lacy-girlie ankle socks. I can fully imagine the foot fetish guys will love this feature.

The uniforms are stylish and simple. It’s the same hit and miss feature we found at Tilted Kilt–where you either look very HOT in the outfit, or it tends to show off a girl’s “spare tire”.

Now in the case of Bone Daddy’s, 99% of the girls there are on the more slender side, so the outfits do their job. They draw your eye to them. They look HOT.

And the girls themselves? Knew you would be asking. For the most part, again, we have to hit the 99% button, because most of the girls there were very attractive.

Like always, we try to make friends and talk to more than just our waitress. Get a feel for the place and the girls. Here the girls seemed very friendly and upbeat. Almost to the point where it sounded robotic or rehearsed. Almost like they were told in training “be fun and bubbly”. I say this because on a couple of exchanges at a nearby table, I could see the girl really turn on and off the charm- from the family table –to the boys ordering pitchers of beer.

I have to stop here and change colors to make a point. I am already starting to see another pattern. For the record, I don’t drink often. The rest of the group usually does, and we have all noticed something.


Two tables. Assume the server is friendly, polite, and attentive to both tables.


Two guys order iced tea and two entrees. Maybe a dessert or appetizer beforehand. Total cost? Maybe 40-60 bucks? 20% tip? 8-12 bucks for the server.


Two guys, drinking beer while eating. Different ball game. If the server really “works it” she can keep the guys talkin’ AND ordering more beer. That tab can EASILY skip past the 100 dollar mark before the guys know what hit them. That translates into at least 20 bucks for the server. More if the guys feel generous or that they have “hit it off” with the waitress.

This is something we have noticed at all three places so far (Burger Girl, Tilted Kilt, and Bone Daddy’s).

We have witnessed time and time again, scenarios like the one described above. The drinkers got the better service each time we noticed it.

The servers sat down and really chatted up the drinkers. The non-drinkers got basic service, but NOT the personal treatment the drinkers experienced.

Just something we have noticed. Feel free to form your own opinion. For the most part, this isn’t really is a gamble by these girls. For the most part, it works out in their favor. The drinkers have the bigger tab, so blowing off the other table is no big deal.

HOWEVER– I do alot of business in restaurants and bars. There are times when we meet over drinks and I may have already eaten. I might just have a soda. But if I see the server is really taking care of the table, when my $3 dollar check comes, I have NO PROBLEM tipping $17 on $3.

Never judge a book by it’s cover.

One final note about the girls. As I exited the bathroom, I passed by a station where a couple of the girls were working. I had this little exchange with one of the girls:

Me: Hi, how are you doing?

Her: I hate this place, how about you?

Me: Well, it’s my first time here. Haven’t had enough time to hate

it yet

Her: OMG, I didn’t mean….sorry…I am just having a bad day.

She smiled and life went on.


BURGER-GUY (I call him this because every place we have been, he has tried the burgers and nothing else) ordered the bacon-cheeseburger. His thoughts? It was 15 times better than the burger at Tilted Kilt.

Another taster had the half rack of ribs. He found them dry and not very tasty. They looked good, but he can’t work his camera phone so no pic. GOOD cinnamon apples though!

Why is it so hard to find GOOD RIBS here in Texas??? Idea for future article???

I had the BONE-IN Smoked Chicken. It’s basically a quarter bird served with two sides and a cheddar roll. (pic at the top of the article)

Now, I will say this, The food was very tasty! I was almost surprised. I expected….I don’t know what I expected.

Our first two trips (Tilted Kilt & Burger Girl) lowered our expectations I suppose.

Tasting this food, makes me interested in trying other things they have.

FINAL FOOD NOTE: I have said before how much I like the salad at Olive Garden.

However, I had one of the FRESHEST and BEST TASTING SALADS at BONE DADDY’s on this visit! I am completely serious. I would go back just to have the salad. It was THAT good!


The deco of the place ROCKS. The girls are friendly, and the food is good. What else you want? Check it out?

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