22 Apr
bk chicken by Junk Food Critic
bk chicken, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

BURGER KING has spent so much time updating and tweaking their menu, that I figured it was time to try a couple of things I haven’t had before.

First up is the TENDERCRISP CHICKEN SANDWICH. This is a good sized sandwich. Roughly the same size as a WHOPPER I would guess. One bite tells me it is both TENDER & CRISPY. So it isn’t just a clever name. The chicken itself is on the thinner side, so I start guessing this isn’t a chicken breast, but rather a processed chicken “piece”. Another couple of bites confirms this as I bite into the meat one way, and it pulls a different direction. Like the pieces were now separating. This is kinda unfortunate, because if it was a solid chicken breast, I bet I would love this sandwich and order it on a regular basis.

Spicy Chicken thingie….
I think other places realize that Wendy’s is on to something with their SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH. It’s GOOD and has lots of flavor for a simple Fast Food chicken sandwich. It’s not a pieced together “chicken-stein” sandwich. It’s a chicken breast with breading.

Now, Wendy’s has tried to offer a 99 cent spicy chicken that I don’t see at my local Wendy’s anymore. But I had one and it was a pieced together chicken patty. Same spicy flavor though. But like I said I don’t see it anymore at Wendy’s.

Now, I am seeing it at Burger King as the——–. It is just about the same size and has a similar taste.

I am not sure what it is about chicken that the Burger King can’t quite perfect. I almost never order them because they don’t taste fresh or like real chicken. If I wanted processed chicken taste I would order McNuggets.


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