18 Apr
blchew by Junk Food Critic
blchew, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Junk food is EVERYWHERE. I was helping a friend throw a party, and we went to one of those party stores to buy stuff. I got separated from the group when I noticed they had a candy aisle. For the most part, it’s your typical M&M’s, and Skittles, but this place had some CLASSICS!!!

Check these out!!!

As you can see from the main picture, I found BIG LEAGUE CHEW!!! That stuff was amazing as a kid, and tearing into this pack, that SMELL, took me back to days in the park when I was 8 years old. Classics never change!


I was also interested to find they STILL make WHISTLE POPS and GOLD MINE gum/candy.

WHISTLE POPS are now made by AIR HEADS, but are just like you remember. They are a hard candy in the shape of a whistle that you can eat when you are done when the whistle part has served it’s purpose. It also has, built into the stick, a tuner of sorts, so you can change the pitch of the whistle. Cool added feature for something like this.

and GOLD MINE. Man, I ate a mountain of this pack in the day. Although when I was holding it in my hand, I couldn’t remember what the gum actually tasted like.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that to me (other tasters couldn’t place any specific flavor) it tasted like a mild banana flavor. Anyway, this gold was gone in a flash, just like the Big League Chew. Funny that with the Gold Mine, everyone I gave samples to loved it and thought it a NEW product.

I ended up buying about 30 bucks worth of candy that day, so check back for more stories from the CANDY COUNTER!


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