IRON MAN & Dr Pepper

16 Apr
imsoda by Junk Food Critic
imsoda, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

It’s NO secret that I LOVE Dr Pepper. When I was at my local market, it’s a given I am gonna hit the soda aisle and replenish my beloved Dr Pepper. And while I am on the subject, I CAN’T STAND IT, when people call Dr Pepper – DP. I have no rhyme or reason, I just HATE IT. But I digress….

Turning the corner from milk to soda, I see my store has a DR PEPPER IRON MAN 2 display. Now I LOVED that movie. I thought it was a fresh and fun movie, and Robert Downey Jr. just nailed it. Great time! So to see Iron Man and Dr Pepper in a promo together sounds PERFECT.

This promo happened to be for their 12 pack of cans. There are 14 different IRON MAN designs, so I snatched one up; curious as to what cool designs I was in for. I think I should state that I don’t normally buy Dr Pepper in 12 pack cans, so this was a special purchase.

Turns out that FATE has given me WHIPLASH.

No, really. My entire 12 pack was full of nothing but WHIPLASH. Now I love Mickey Rourke, but COME ON!

A quick check of the box shows me the FINE PRINT (see photo)

Now this just seems SILLY. If you are going to go to all the trouble of making SPECIAL cans, why not just take that extra step and mix it up in the case? This is NOT like finding a COOL Hot Wheels care inside my Cookie Crisp, and wanting to “collect’em all”. These are CANS. After I drink it, there is not a whole lotta play value left. Making it difficult to even SEE all the desings, much less COLLECT them, is just not fun.

….Wait a minute! I just got an idea. Maybe I can take the cans and make my own IRON MAN armor out of Dr Pepper cans??


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