31 Mar

When I was wandering mindlessly down the frozen food aisle last night, I passed NEWMAN’S OWN UNCURED PEPPERONI THIN & CRISPY PIZZA.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  But given my freezer’s problem, I would need to act fast if I wanted to taste test this one.

I have always respected Paul Newman.  Not just for his acting, but the time he takes to develop his “all natural” products, and more importantly, for his tireless efforts with charities all over the world.

So as per instructions, I pre-heat and pop this baby in.  The pizzas come in five different combos (un cured pepperoni, margherita,

supreme, four cheese, and roasted garlic & chicken).


First thing I notice is that this baby cooks QUICK!  We are talking 11 minutes in a preheated oven.

It looked delicious. Couldn’t wait to try it.   Reading the box I could see that this is more of a flatbread, cracker-y type crust.  Not really a dough based crust, which is fine.  We love pizza in just about any form.

And as we are crunching into the first bite, we notice it has a different taste, crust wise too.  It has a multi-grain taste to it.  Sure enough, another glance at the box tells me it’s a multi-grain and flax seed filled crust.  Interesting and pretty good.  For some reason the crust tasted just a little “frost bitten”.  I don’t know if that is from my freezer, or the one at the store, or shipping or what.  But it does have a slight aftertaste.  Bummer.

There is a light smearing of sauce and cheese.  There is more than ample UNCURED pepperoni on this boy.  The UNCURED part means the pepperoni is pretty natural.  No nitrates or whatever involved in them.  Which is a good thing I guess?  What I noticed more than the lack of nitrates is the slight bite to the pepperoni.  Most frozen pizzas have very bland pepperoni.  This has a nice even taste with a slight bite.

Overall, a pretty decent pie.  It didn’t knock me off my feet.  I would probably buy it again though.  It’s a difficult job, making a frozen pizza that can compete with a local pizza parlor.  But this one is worth a shot!   Try it and tell us what you think!


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