28 Feb

Driving around town and I cut down this side street.  I pass by this Chick-fil-a.  There is a woman who is flapping her arms about and screaming at the drive thru speaker.  She seems ANGRY.

She is honking her horn, and just looks frustrated.   I suppose this makes me nosy, but I just HAD to see what the fuss was about.

Why was she so angry?

Why are they ignoring her?

This behavior is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!   She should organize a PROTEST and…..oh……oh…wait….It’s SUNDAY.  They are CLOSED on Sundays.

After I calmed my self down, (I was laughing.  ALOT) I whipped out the trusty camera phone and took this pic.  I also sat there for another six minutes while she FINALLY gave up and pulled right up to the window to argue directly.  It was then I guess she saw the CLOSED sign, because she immediately sped out of there.

Yeah.  I pretty much had nothing going on at this time of day.  And it was funny.


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