16 Feb

Okay, so these are popping up EVERYWHERE!  These frozen yogurt places.   Although now they call them “FROzen YOgurt….or FRO-YO…get it?!?!?

So far we have seen:  Pinkberry, Red Mango, Orange Cup, Fro-Yo, Berry Berry, and Yogilicious.  We have every intention of trying them all and having a big taste testing party soon, so check back for that!

But the format of these places are all pretty similiar.  You walk to the counter and order like you would from an ice cream shop, or some are totally self-serve.  All tend to weigh the finished product to determine price.

And by the way…this is NOT the ol’ TCBY (This Country’s Best Yogurt) you remember as a kid, which was sorta like soft serve ice-cream, instead of what is “YOGURT” today.

How?  What’s the difference?  Okay, well in Pinkberry’s case… California (where this new wave of FRO-YO has gained alot of it’s current popularity) they adhere to the standard maintained by The National Yogurt Association.  To use the name “frozen yogurt” it has to have a minimum about of “live and active cultures” in it’s yogurt.  These “cultures” are what people rave about health-wise, as being the beneficial part of yogurt.  Not only does it taste good, but these “cultures” aid in digestion which leads to better health overall.

Okay, so enough with the smart-talk, how does it taste?

I went for your basic chocolate with strawberries as a topping.

THIS IS THE MOST CHOCOLATE-Y AND FLAVORFUL YOGURT I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!  It’s smooth and rich and decadent.   While I was eating it, I was SURE it was probably on the BAD end of the HEALTH spectrum….but a quick look at the pinkberry website ( tells me that it was roughly 150 calories???? less than 2 grams of fat???   WOW!!!!!!

NOW the bad news.  Chocolate YUM YUM (as we have grown to call it) is a SEASONAL flavor.  DAMN!

This location is BRAND new in Dallas, in the West Village area.  It’s super clean and has a modern deco to it with some nice hip techno-y music in the background.  The entire staff was very nice and friendly.

And per JUNK FOOD CRITIC rules, we usually try a place three times before giving it a full on rating, but we are LOVIN’ what we saw so far!

And we are not bias, we will be reviewing the other places and posting more pics as well.  We were just so overwhelmed by how GOOD that chocolate was that we decided to get this posted A.S.A.P.!!


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