9 Feb

All of us here at the JFC, loves us some HOT WINGS.  Loves ‘em I tells ya.

But sometimes we get a craving for these things at the oddest of hours.  Like 1:27am, after leaving a party or whatever.

Wendy’s has really stepped up their game in recent years.  Staying open late (at least the drive-thru anyway…until 2 in most locations) gives us yet ANOTHER option.


After going out, everyone usually hit’s Denny’s or IHOP.  But sometimes you just wanna grab some food and get home.   That usually leaves Jack in the Box or Whataburger.  Both of which are thankfully, open 24 hours.  At least the ones by us.

BUT!!   No hot wings.

Well we have been a fan of these from Wendy’s since they came out.  For 3.99 (more if you want the combo) you get what is pictured above.  These babies are DRENCHED in sauce (buffalo or bbq).

One thing we always talk about is consistency.  We figured these were just the 99 cent nuggets tossed in some sauce….OH NO!

These are completely different type of nuggets.  Better tasting.  So back to that consistency thing.  EVERY time we have had them they have been pretty HOT and FRESH.  Lots of sauce. Good flavor too.

The thing that really sells us on these things is how convenient they are.  If we were to go to a restaurant, or a wing place (some stay open late) we would have to wait like 14 minutes for any type of wing.  Boneless or not.  But these suckers are ready in minutes at the drive thru.  MAJOR POINTS for this!!!!!!

So at 1:34am, or anytime, if you love boneless wings, give these a try.  It’s 11:58p as I write this, and now I am hungry.  So guess where I am going!


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