1 Feb

Saw this at a stop-n-shop, and had to pick it up.   Not much of a Pepsi drinker, but I do like certain restaurants that have it as a fountain drink.  Isn’t that weird?  How the SAME drink can taste different from place to place?

Like TACO CABANA….for some reason, the fountain drink Cokes there are SO GOOD that I have to choose it over Dr Pepper.  I know!!!!  SACRILEGE!!!

Anyway, story is…Pesi (and Mountain Dew) are having for a limited time, THROWBACK versions of their classic drinks.

We tried them, and even had our own “PEPSI CHALLENGE” with regular pepsi (made with corn syrup) vs. the “throwback” stuff made with real sugar.

The Majority liked “syrup” Pepsi MORE than the Pepsi made with sugar.  Go figure.

Most people felt like they could feel a different texture in the soda.  It wasn’t smooth, but more than a little “gritty”.  Not really something you want in a soft drink.   The people that tried it with us assumed it was “non-dissolved sugar” that was sorta just swirling around.   Another taster said it tasted like a spoonful of dirt had been stirred into their beloved drink.

But not being a hard core drinker of Pepsi, the campaign worked.  I tried it several times.  And I give Pepsi as a company SO much credit for doing something like this.  It’s easy to just dismiss it (as some of my die-hard Dr Pepper fans have) as just following the “Dublin Dr Pepper” route.  But I think they are just trying to spice things up.

Now, what would I REALLY like to see in a cola company?  The return of

NEW COKE.  That would be OLD SKOOL!!!!!!!


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