19 Jan

Loves us some hot wings.  We have tried (and will review) just about every hot wing place we can find.  So when the COLONEL himself announces he is stepping up his game with SAUCELESS HOT WINGS, we are all interested.


Not that we don’t LOVE having orange fingers from time to time.  It comes with the territory of being a food critic, hot wing lover, or cheeto aficionado.


So we swing thru the drive-thru and can’t wait to have these.   We have a love/hate relationship with the Colonel.  We love some of his stuff alot.  Others….not so much.  We are really torn on that GRILLED chicken…but that’s for another time.


So we get a load of these things and dig in as we are driving on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.  They smelled flavorful.  Like paprika or something.


When we open them, the above picture is what we saw.  BURNT?  Yeah, the do look it, right?  Well, fearless we are, so we ate them anyway.


And truth be told, they aren’t THAT BAD.   They certainly have a spice rub that gives them a LITTLE bit of a kick, but these are really nothing special.   They do have flavor, but are mostly salty and the ones we had, were well….we have already mentioned it so….yeah…they looked and tasted burnt.


Shame on us for trying to find a shortcut to hot wing happiness.   These wings will remain at the Colonel’s, because we will not be ordering them again.

Shame too, because we really LOVE the Honey BBQ flavor.  What could have gone wrong here?  It seemed such a great idea.  Oh well.  We guess this was just a case of the company trying to come up with something new…and decided to just “wing” it.

(oh that was bad…terrible pun….even hurt to type it…but couldn’t resist)


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