7 Nov

The malls in and around the DFW are dealing the most serious forms of drugs you can imagine.

How else can you explain why these smoothies are so DAMN addictive?!?!?!  They MUST have crack sprinkled in them…right?

THIRSTY’s  is a small juice bar usually found in the better malls around the DFW area.   Their specialty is the smoothie but they make other fruit mixed drinks and some even offer sandwiches and other things.

I can’t explain it, but for well over a DECADE this place has kept knocking me out with their simple STRAWBERRY/BANANA smoothie.

I don’t know what the secret ingredient is (maybe it’s just LOVE) but just about everything they offer here is good.  I just fancy the Straw-banana so much!

I love to go shopping, and if I hit a mall that has a THIRSTY’s in it, I am swerving right into the place.   I almost always have someone with me that has NEVER tried it, and they are skeptical.  Probably because they see me get all excited as I am standing in line.

ONE SIP and they are INSTANTLY converted!

I can’t remember off the top, but I think the small is close to 3 bucks, the medium close to 4, and the large is around 5 bucks.

This seemed a bit steep, but once you taste it, you KNOW you are paying for something AMAZING!  The large is a BIG-HONKIN’ one too, which is more than anyone could want.  It’s almost too much, but I don’t get these as often as I would want, so that large goes QUICK!

So keep a sharp eye out for THIRSTY’s.  Try it and get addicted.

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