Advertisements need of….?

22 Oct

I personally, LOVE me some FRESH Lemonade.  For some reason it makes me think of the The Texas State Fair.  Maybe because ever since I was a kid going to Hot-Dog-On-A-Stick, I have paired Corn Dogs and Lemonade.  But I digress….

Come October, you can be certain I will be getting a big ol’ cup of lemonade at the fair with at least one of them ‘dogs.  mmmmmm….

The other day, I was at Chick-fil-a, (they have good breakfastes….yes…I said the word “breakfastes”)

Anyway, I am always torn at Chick-fil-a when it comes to drinks.   I do so love Dr Pepper as most of you already know.  It is the blood that runs this machine.  Truly.

BUT—  Chick-fil-a has REALLY good Sweet Tea —–AND—- Lemonade!!!!  This got me thinking, there aren’t many places around that really serves really good-fresh-lemonade.  Maybe I just haven’t paid attention.   So I have been looking now and that picture above is what I found.

at ONE place (you figure it out) There is absolutely NO juice in their LEMONade.

(LEMONS…my knowledge are fruit that produces JUICE.  Please email me if I am somehow in error on this issue)


Now I fully realize that in today’s super-highly-mobile-60-second world, it is probably possible to synthesize the lemon acid powder and make it into functional lemonade.  So please do not email me to explain why this is happening .  My question is, what happened to ….


lemons, sugar, water.

Drink.  Repeat if necessary?


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