20 Sep

Looking at that picture drives me crazy.  If you are new to the DFW area, or have just never been (for some crazy reason) to the TEXAS STATE FAIR, then you are missing out on the most incredible corn dog on the planet.  Seriously.

It’s a time honored tradition to visit The Great State Fair of Texas every year and literally gorge yourself on these things.

This is just a weiner dipped in batter and fried right?  WRONG!


These things are sprinkled with carny-magic dust or something.  I think it is the consistency that sells them.  They are cooked so even and taste perfect every single time.

After shelling out 10 tickets or whatever they are, you walk over to the most disgusting, fly-ridden condiment stand I have ever seen in your life.   You try and keep that out of your head as you load this sucker with whatever (anything other than just mustard is sacrilege!) and then for a brief moment, that corn-doggy-goodness transports you to heaven.

It’s like getting a hug from GOD  And then you open your eyes and are left with the wooden stick and instant depression.

So you toss that stick in the trash and get right back in line for another.


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