GOD(father) has answered my prayers!!

16 Sep

Driving around town and I pass by the sign below and almost WRECK the car.

For you see, that sign can NOT be right.   It CLEARLY says GODFATHER’S PIZZA.   Did I accidently smoke crack this morning?  It’s obviously a MISTAKE.  There are NO Godfather’s Pizza locations around here.


This frazzles me so, because when I was a kid living in South Carolina, Godfather’s was THE PLACE!    It was a “sit-down” pizza place (how many of those are around now??) and I have great memories of that place and more importantly, that PIZZA!   Granted, Godfather’s wasn’t as cool as Chuck E. Cheese with the games and all that, or as popular as Pizza Hut.  But they had a good strategy against those other places:  Just make GOOD pizza!

After getting my heartbeat slowed down to a normal level, I doubled back.

Inside this shopping center is a place called MAID-RITE with a smaller sign that read “Godfather’s Express”.

UH-OH….here we go again.

See, the Godfather has tricked me in the past.   Once upon a time, I was checking out websites for different restaurants and places that are no longer around the neighborhood.   I get to and I try the “store locator”.   It tells me that there is one near LAKE DALLAS.  That is a two hour round trip.

WHO CARES!?!?!?!?   I’ve driven farther for a Dr. Pepper!!!

(a story for another day)

I finally find the place and it is a take out “Express” sub-store inside a convenience store.  Interesting idea, but how good could it be?   Don’t ask.  I drove home cursing the Godfather.


I step inside RITE-MAID and I am instantly transported to the late 50’s.    I know NOTHING about RITE-MAID.   All I want is GODFATHER’s!

I will skip any RITE-MAID details, as they deserve their own article.  This is about PIZZA!

So I expected another LAME “express” attempt that other restaurants offer.  In my mind a “restaurant-name-here-EXPRESS” concept store is usually a very watered down version of the original.   I remember clearly when visiting a mall once that had an “Olive Garden Express”   AMAZING IDEA!!!   Bad execution.

But I digress….

The people at RITE-MAID were very VERY friendly.   I ordered a large (the only sell large size) pie and slid into one of the booths.

An-ti-ci-pation was killing me.

The nice lady walks over and slides and pie on the table and I thought I was going to pass out.   It LOOKED amazing.   That picture at the top was taken from my camera phone.   RARELY do you get food that looks JUST LIKE THE PICTURES on the menu.  but this pizza was pretty.

I sat for a minute, and just soaked in that moment.  My mind racing like a WAY-Back machine to me:  age 10.

And then I tasted it….

Please believe when I tell you this pizza KNOCKED ME OUT!

It tasted EXACTLY the same as it did when I was a kid.  That rich sauce and EXTRA generous amounts of toppings.  That slightly “smokey-buttery” flavor of the cheese… I want to go get another one RIGHT NOW!

So, GODFATHER, you are FORGIVEN.   Maid-Rite is a GENIUS for adding this to their own interesting concept.



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