This is my CHURCH

13 Sep

I am almost ashamed that I have never heard of this place until recently.

If you know me, or read this blog, you know full well, that I had elective surgery—and I now have DR PEPPER running through my veins instead of blood.   I love it THAT much!

So when I found out that the the ORIGINAL DR PEPPER location has been turned into a museum, complete with soda fountain, I could seriously hit myself with a brick for not going sooner.


They have gone to great lengths to keep the place looking as vintage as possible.  Above you see the original counter, from which that magical Dr Pepper was served.  Back then they called it CRAZY WATER.  How cool is that?

The place is kinda small, but two stories full of interesting things.  First floor is the actual well (they used well water) and the machine used to process it all.  There is also a gift shop FULL of Dr Pepper Products (I know this because I went nuts in there buying stuff) and across the hall is the soda fountain.   More on that in a second.

Upstairs they have this mini tour of Dr Pepper through the years and it’s quite cool to see the styles and changes it has gone through since it’s inception.

Back downstairs to that soda fountain.  It looks right out of Mayberry or something.  They make all sorts of ice cream floats and whatever.  But the main draw is the FRESHLY MIXED DR PEPPER WITH REAL SUGAR.

Alot of people call this “Dublin Dr Pepper” because there is a bottler (in Dublin, hence the name) that stuck with the old formula and uses sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

But this, to me, is a COMPLETELY different animal.   To have them mix a FRESH Dr Pepper like a cocktail was SO incredibly exciting to me.

What would it taste like?   I have had a “Dublin” and it seemed SUPER sweet.  I had to adjust to it.  It was stronger than my everyday Dr Pepper.

So with that in mind, I had the soda-jerk (which is a term used lovingly) whip one up.   I brought(kidnapped) a whole crew to visit this place with me, and they weren’t as excited as I was.

I ordered FRESH sodas for all and watched their faces.  One by one, their eyes LIT up.

“OMG this is SO GOOD!”

“This taste better than regular Dr Pepper!!!!”

Ok, enough with the torture I was putting myself through.  I ordered one just for me, and stood at the counter, watching the soda-jerk.  LIKE.  A.  HAWK.

He grabbed my collectible cup (gotta have that..right?) and tossed in some ice then went to work.   Pulling the fountains in a very specific order, and watching this all take place…my DR PEPPER was being BORN!!! Right in front of me.

He slides it over, and I reluctantly take a sip.  Are my expectations too high now?  Everyone is looking at me for approval.  I love Dr Pepper SO MUCH, and am I about to be LET DOWN?

GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!!!— they scream!!

I take a sip.   Then another mini sip.  Then a gulp.

This is GOD’S DRINK.   I have been to the mountain top of Sodas, and this is IT!

It tasted so FRESH and unique.  It had all the familiarity of my beloved DR Pepper, but that hint of sugar blended right in.  It wasn’t Dr Pepper as I know it.  It wasn’t DUBLIN as I know it.  This bad boy was bold.  This drink was the best of both worlds.  This was DR PEPPER taken to the highest level.

I know this ,because I downed it in like, TWO minutes, and had them make me one for the road.  Actually we all got one for the road.

I was at the crossroads of soda love.  I could either walk out that door and go home, or I could find a place inside this museum to lay down.  Because there was NO reason to leave.  Where would I ever have a drink this good again??

What would be the purpose of me returning to the outside world, now that I have found the HOLY GRAIL?

I RELUCTANTLY allowed my friends and fellow tasters talk me into leaving.  Oh and they were closing in 3 minutes also.    As kind as they are there, I could tell they weren’t going to allow me to make that place my new permanent residence.

Now back in the “real world” and I have nothing but fond memories of the place and that precious drink.   Since then I have made SEVERAL trips.

Yes, I have driven 4 hours just to get a Dr. Pepper.  Time well spent.

If you haven’t been to this place, then you are SERIOUSLY missing out.   It separates the Dr Pepper drinkers from the DR PEPPER LOVERS I think.



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