31 Mar

UntitledOkay what are we looking at todayyy….oh yeah…

well, I DO taste cheese flavor…and some onion.

yeah…some onion for sure.    So yeah…these are available.



30 Mar

UntitledNow you KNOW I LOVES me some wings.  Bone-in, bone-out, bone-less, bone-whatever.   One of the great flavors for wings is Garlic Parmesan…so when I saw these in the freezer at Walmart I was interested.

Two trays of microwaveable “wyngz” with “kicker” sauce if I want it extra spicy?   Hmmmmm…..go on.

Well fresh from my microwave these were NOT good.  They were soggy and chewy and did I say NOT good already?

Having most of my afternoon free, I decided to go ahead and fire-up the oven and cook these suckers ol’ fashion style….and that result was way better…duh.

I enjoyed the flavor of the kicker packets and the garlic parm sauce as well.  I would for sure buy these again…but I would never microwave them again.   woof.


29 Mar

UntitledOh boy.

Well….I DO taste some malty…maybe barley-yyy taste…and maybe I am getting some hints of meat….I guess I am tasting what they want me to taste…but….meh..


28 Mar

UntitledWhat you are looking at is prolly my favorite “fancy” burger of all-time.  The Jalapeno BBQ Smashburger is:

Grilled Garlic Jalapenos, aged cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, haystack onions, BBQ sauce- all on an egg bun.

It’s a MONSTER and I love it.   It’s super-juicy and those garlic jalapenos…..oh my damn….


27 Mar

UntitledLove the look of this place.  It’s got a great vibe to it.   Laid-back-loft is what it reminds me of.

The staff was helpful and friendly and I ordered ya basic two meat pie.   I chilled in the cool joint and waited for my pizza.

While waiting I got a call so I changed my order to go.  What you see is what I got.    It’s a good pizza but…



24 Mar

UntitledWay off the beaten path is a cute little gem of a restaurant in Grand Prairie called ….oh just read the headline…I ain’t typing all that again.

Not sure what I was doing on that side of town but once I saw the sign I was craving some food.    As you can see I went tex-mex with fajitas and they were very good.   Nearby tables ordered more traditional dishes and they looked just as yummy.   The staff was friendly and didn’t bother you ever five minutes like some places.   The restaurant was also super-clean.  Like…seriously clean.   Like it was so clean that I was like…wow…this place is super clean!   Bonus points.    I love to support local biz and this place has good food and great atmosphere – check it out!


23 Mar

 Oh….ALDI.   How you continue to surprise me.

The thing with Aldi (which you can either love or hate) is that you have to start over.  You go into that store having NO idea if their chips are as good as the ones you normally buy….so to me it’s an adventure…trying everything all over again for the first time.

Take this pizza for example.  I was so very happy with this pie.  The crust, sauce, and toppings all worked well together.   It was full of flavor at a cheaper price than other pizzas in the same category.   Win. Win.   This would be the perfect pie to cook for you…or some friends and have a movie night or watch a game and chow down.