25 May

UntitledI direct your attention to the photo to the left.   Man…oh…man…look at that chicken sammich.

So thick.  So Crispy.   So tempting.

And look at that deal too….  Sammich….wedges…drink…AND A COOKIE??? For FIVE BUCKS??   That’s a solid deal.

I love it.

It’s one of those “scratch-your-head” moments because let’s face it…..KFC is KNOWN for chicken.  It’s like….their thing…yes?

But slowly and steadily….Chick-fil-a has crept-up and taken the title.    Even McDonald’s offers a pretty decent chicken sammich…..as does Wendy’s….so in my mind … KFC isn’t even FOURTH on my list of top places to get a proper chicken sammich.

(editor’s note:  please stop saying “sammich”  the correct term is SANDWICH)

I will not.

Anyway…I guess KFC got tired of being last in the race…and decided to step their game up.   Sitting in the drive-thru…I was so jazzed about this sammich.   Will this be my new go-to move?

Well…. a funny thing happened on the way out of the drive-thru.   Evidently an ELEPHANT hit my car and was SO fast that I didn’t even see it.   No damage to my ride…but I did notice that said Elephant managed to step all over my sammich.

UntitledI now direct your attention to the photo to the right.

As you can see, it’s about a THIRD the thickness of the one in the photo.

Now the weird thing is, I have seen other websites review this same thing and the one they got was thick and juicy looking.   Looks just like the pic on the menu.

I guess I had bad luck.    Even putting some hot sauce on it didn’t help my disappointment.    Oh boy…Colonel….it’s back to the minors for you, kind sir.


24 May

UntitledNormally, when you put out something that is almost neon in color….AND that tastes like “blue raspberry” (which I still have yet to find in my own local grocery)…I am usually SOLD!

But this one….kinda meh….and honestly it’s something I could get WAYYYYYY cheaper at a convenient store.   So….  pfft…   not a fan.


23 May

UntitledI will admit – the marketing on this roll-out was STRONG and it pulled me in by the tractor beam.

As a NY pizza style lover – I thought this was a genius move on CiCi’s part…..IF they could pull it off.

Turns out….it was too big of an “IF”.    Take a look at the edges of the crust….it’s almost burnt.  The sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and meatball toppings do NOTHING to sell this to me as “NY style” or anything other than a bigger-sized regular ol’ CiCi’s pizza.

SUCH a disappointment.



22 May

UntitledThere is a great…and I mean GREAT lil’ place in Grapevine.   A bit of a “hidden gem” but it’s hardly a secret.

British Emporium is a TREASURE TROVE of treats from the UK.  I could spent hours and many many dollars in this place.    UK chocolate is on a level that many U.S. chocolate companies can’t reach.     You gotta trust me on this.

Shelves are stacked with just about any and every type of snack that you could want.  They also have a very nice selection of non-snacks…but come on…it’s JFC here….and we wanna snack attack…and this is a favorite place to do just that!

My last Szechuan Sauce

21 May

UntitledI’m not sure why I feel sort of melancholy about this sauce.   About the whole “Rick and Morty / McDonald’s” fiasco.

The sauce itself was good….not fantastic or anything.

BUT….the fact that a comedy bit…from a cartoon… could bring this back from the dead….then get national attention for everything that went wrong…and boy did it…. is nothing short of amazing.     Pop Culture is an incredible thing.   It’s the real sauce that binds us all.   More companies should take notice.


18 May

UntitledImagine you as a kid.  Spending the night at your best friend’s house.  Your plan is to stay up all night playing video games and eating pizza.   Come the morning…you want cereal….you want your beloved FRUIT LOOPS…..ya know?

Then your BF’s mom drops off the bowls…of FRUITY HOOPS.

Now, the kid in me back then…would have shouted– WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE????   And probably refused to eat them.

BUT now…I’m more refined….and have an elevated taste for the finer things….    : )

That being said – the reality is that the NAME brands….AREN”T always the BEST product anymore.    These private and independent brands have really stepped-up their game and created products that rival and often BEAT the name you know.

Give them a chance…that’s all I am saying.   You might discover a true classic.


17 May

UntitledOh dear lord.

Are these even still out ?

(editor:  no, they are not…so please don’t report on something that is no longer available. )

Hell with it –  I am talking about them anyway….

(editor:  please move on.  you missed the boat)

No – I gotta get this off my chest.  These things are …well….WERE awesome…prolly one of the BEST Oreos I ever had – and they are silly for not making them a permanent thing.

(editor note:  can I see you in my office when you are done?  thanks)

hmmmmm…..wonder what that is about?



16 May

UntitledAnyone reading this can email me and explain to me exactly WHY…..I never tried these before now?

wow….are these addictive.   Love them and I am a complete idiot for taking so long to discover this low-key-yet-kick-ass flavor.   Simple and effective.



15 May

UntitledThese were a bit difficult to find here in the DFW.

Not much to say about these as the name sort of tells you all.  They are sweet and then kick in some heat on the back end.

Neat trick but not something I would buy again.    : (

MARKET PANTRY – Mixed Fruit Gummie Snacks

14 May

UntitledMarket Pantry is the Private Label Brand of Target products.   They have a huge variety of products…today it’s the $1 bag of gummies I found next to the checkout.   C’mon now….a dollah…for some gummies?? What a simple and cheap treat…..

That tastes rather cheap.  I taste more gummie than flavor.  These are very chewy….so there is that.  Maybe these should have been labeled as chewys.