My last Szechuan Sauce

21 May

UntitledI’m not sure why I feel sort of melancholy about this sauce.   About the whole “Rick and Morty / McDonald’s” fiasco.

The sauce itself was good….not fantastic or anything.

BUT….the fact that a comedy bit…from a cartoon… could bring this back from the dead….then get national attention for everything that went wrong…and boy did it…. is nothing short of amazing.     Pop Culture is an incredible thing.   It’s the real sauce that binds us all.   More companies should take notice.



18 May

UntitledImagine you as a kid.  Spending the night at your best friend’s house.  Your plan is to stay up all night playing video games and eating pizza.   Come the morning…you want cereal….you want your beloved FRUIT LOOPS…..ya know?

Then your BF’s mom drops off the bowls…of FRUITY HOOPS.

Now, the kid in me back then…would have shouted– WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE????   And probably refused to eat them.

BUT now…I’m more refined….and have an elevated taste for the finer things….    : )

That being said – the reality is that the NAME brands….AREN”T always the BEST product anymore.    These private and independent brands have really stepped-up their game and created products that rival and often BEAT the name you know.

Give them a chance…that’s all I am saying.   You might discover a true classic.


17 May

UntitledOh dear lord.

Are these even still out ?

(editor:  no, they are not…so please don’t report on something that is no longer available. )

Hell with it –  I am talking about them anyway….

(editor:  please move on.  you missed the boat)

No – I gotta get this off my chest.  These things are …well….WERE awesome…prolly one of the BEST Oreos I ever had – and they are silly for not making them a permanent thing.

(editor note:  can I see you in my office when you are done?  thanks)

hmmmmm…..wonder what that is about?



16 May

UntitledAnyone reading this can email me and explain to me exactly WHY…..I never tried these before now?

wow….are these addictive.   Love them and I am a complete idiot for taking so long to discover this low-key-yet-kick-ass flavor.   Simple and effective.



15 May

UntitledThese were a bit difficult to find here in the DFW.

Not much to say about these as the name sort of tells you all.  They are sweet and then kick in some heat on the back end.

Neat trick but not something I would buy again.    : (

MARKET PANTRY – Mixed Fruit Gummie Snacks

14 May

UntitledMarket Pantry is the Private Label Brand of Target products.   They have a huge variety of products…today it’s the $1 bag of gummies I found next to the checkout.   C’mon now….a dollah…for some gummies?? What a simple and cheap treat…..

That tastes rather cheap.  I taste more gummie than flavor.  These are very chewy….so there is that.  Maybe these should have been labeled as chewys.

7-11 – Locally Made Meals – Chicken Parm

11 May

UntitledIf you read JFC on any regular basis, and why wouldn’t you?…. you know we love THE SEV.   So hearing that they were coming out with their own line of “grab-n-go” locally prepared meals…we gots excited y’all!

And nervous….I mean let’s get real…this could go either way.

Once I heard that Chicken Parm was one of the choices, then I was super-curious…was it possible to make a heat-n-eat Chicken Parm that I could eat sitting on the curb at the Sev…and be happy with it?

Here goes…..

I wasn’t totally shocked but I was pleasantly surprised how GOOD it was.   I mean you have to keep in mind…you are getting this from a convenience store at any given moment.  I have certainly had worse frozen dinners…and I can think of a couple of Italian restaurants that wishes their chicken parm was this good.  For Five Bucks??? nice.

I got to give it to The Sev for stepping up their game on something like this.   There are FOURTEEN different dishes available at any one time.

The ONLY problem I see with this is marketing.   The Sev, for whatever reason, has chosen to use one of the Dallas Cowboys as their spokesperson for this here locally.   No football player is going to appeal to my sense of convenience or give something like “grab-n-go” food a chance.  EVER.

I would hate to see such a great idea fall to the wayside due to the fact that NOBODY has heard that it’s available or they stumbled with the ad campaign.   The chicken parm…at least…is worth a try.